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  • Learn the future technologies to add value to your customers
  • Innovations and Advancements – Achieve the leadership position with Advanced Technology Training

Advancement in information technology and engineering has encouraged thousands of young and vibrant candidates to aspire their career in these industries. Getting appropriate training from qualified and reputed Advanced Technology Center in Hyderabad is imperative to achieve your career objectives. The ATC from GolarsNetworks provides training in advanced technology and educate the workforce in the area of information technology with more focused approach. It is one of the popular Advanced Technology centers in India providing ample career opportunities to the students in this current era.   

Golars Networks – The New Age Advanced Technology Center

Before taking up your technology training in an ATC, it is important to know about the training center, which has got the major role to influence your career and growth opportunities. In this array, here follows a few facts about GolarsNetworks providing advanced technology training;

  •   It serves as an integral part of the group investment in future technologies
  •   It plays a vital role in Rolls-Royce strategy that is imperative in pursuing excellence and leadership in the industry
  •   It helps in identifying and in the development of advanced technologies of the environmental-friendly engines for the next generation
  •   This ATC creates internship opportunities for the deserving students
Key Features of Facilities and Opportunities offered by Golars Networks
  •   Offers ISO 9000 Advanced Technology and engineering training
  •   Offers teleconference and distance learning courses
  •   Conducts seminars and meetings for the enhancement of the students
  •   Creates economic development space for the business training
  •   Assists small business in integrating latest technologies
  •   Award-winning high-tech training and educational facility
  •   Over 2000 network connections
  •   Most advanced software program
  •   State-of-the-art laboratories to develop practical skills
Eligibility to join ATC

Here follows some eligibility criteria to join ATC:

  •   You must be at least 18 years of age
  •   You should be able to benefit from the advanced technology program of instruction
  •   You should have obtained high school diploma or any equivalent certification
Some of the major advanced technology programs offered by Golars Networks include
  •   Electrical utility technology
  •   Natural gas and oil
  •   Industrial electricity technology
  •   Petroleum technology
  •   Mechatronics
  •   Welding
  •   Architectural drafting and designing
  •   Occupational health and safety
  •   Electronics engineering
  •   Machine technology
  •   Heating / air conditioning / refrigeration / ventilation
  •   Pipeline mechanic
  •   Petroleum and industrial process operations technology

There is no doubt that this advanced technology center offers real world training that really works for the qualified and aspiring candidates in discovering their world-class technical training with tailored courses and programs. The syllabus and curriculum is perfect to suit today’s job market and the training offered is absolutely result-minded and unique compared to other institutes.