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In present days, technology is influencing all sectors, which is not an exception to the educational institutions. The educators are bringing many advanced tools into the classroom to improve the learning experience of the students. At the same time, the administrators are striving to optimize and boost efficiencies with their firm operations.

Similar to other sectors, the educational institutions are also experiencing a certain level of difficulties in managing security. The schools or educational institutions have the responsibility to ensure proper flow of information for the teachers, students, and other staff while enabling smooth managing operations. Golars Networks provides the unique and advanced level of education networking security solution in Hyderabad, India.

Today, the classrooms in schools are integrated with advanced technology centric environments, where networking plays the vital role. The requirement of stable and clear network is emphasized for smooth functioning of the institutions. We as leading and renowned security solution providers to the IT sectors, provide a wide range of services including;

  •    Wireless Network
  •    Network switches
  •    Network troubleshooting
  •    Secured storage
  •    IP surveillance and much more

We strive towards bringing a secured environment in your school, which encourages intellectual freedom.

Our Specialization

With the vibrant crew of professionals and technicians, we take the efforts to provide a wide range of specialized services in securing your sensitive data and enable smooth operation of your institution. As the key highlights of our services;

  •    We efficiently and comprehensively implement network security
  •    We identify the risks and threats your network is facing and use appropriate tools to deal with the threats
  •    We use logging and reporting tools, app control and network segmentation to create a secured campus environment

Considering the core importance of the school network security, we develop a unique management tool while providing the best solution according to your specific requirements. Whether it is web filter solutions, keyboard monitoring solutions, SSL, VPM or firewalls, we are there to meet your existing network security issues and get it resolved with smart solutions.

Golars Networks also takes the effort to alternate your wired networks to wireless, which will empower your remote and travelling workforce. We can efficiently block threats from any malicious websites with our technology influenced solutions. We also enhance your communication, operational continuity to optimize, increase the productivity and drive efficiencies while accelerating your performance to enrich educational experience. We ensure that you will never sacrifice your security or protection for performance while both are experienced at the same time without compromise.

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