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  • Adapt to a new age federal networking solutions from Golars Networks

  • Golars Enabling Transition to a cost effective and simplified networking solution

  • Incorporate a software driven infrastructure into your federal network

Obsolete federal Information Technology networks are not able to use the benefits of the mobility, social networking, cloud and data analytics tools that are being used to perform seamless operations. The non-adaptability of these advanced technologies limits the flow of the operation and prevents the government agencies to serve effectively. There is a strong need for the federal government to make a transition from the networks developed on the same hardware-based environment to an open, software-driven environment that simplifies the network processes and helps in reducing the costs. Golars Networks provides smart and secure networking solutions for federal government and organizations.

How do we help you in carrying out governmental functions smoothly?

To effectively carry out all the governmental operations, the obsolete IT network has to be replaced with a robust networking infrastructure. The new infrastructure will facilitate agencies to build flexible networks that can dynamically adapt to the changing needs of citizens, federal employees and others. We can help you in the following ways:

  •    Take your network infrastructure to open standards.
  •    Deploy multi-vendor networks to encourage competition and control cost.
  •    Implementing ethernet cabling
  •    Bespoke procurement models to suit your performance, price and flexibility requirements.
How GolarsNetworks’ networking solutions help the federal government?

The need is clear but what are the benefits?

While all the applications are very different, there is one thing in common, that they demand a high performing and reliable network. Irrespective of the size, city, town or state, federal governmental agencies are making the most out of the latest innovative technologies to enhance their operational efficiency and serve effectively to meet their goals. By choosing us for your federal network, you are sure to enjoy the following:

  •    Adapt to a framework that is agile and software-defined
  •    Build a high-capacity educational and research networks for the scientific purposes
  •    Deliver quicker responses at the time of emergencies
  •    Develop new opportunities for commerce and trade
  •    Enhance transport and employee-safety systems
  •    Increase flexibility and reduce complexity and cost
  •    Facilitate engagement with the constituents and inter-connecting facilities
  •    Implement a backup and recovery system to protect critical data
  •    Increase process efficiency via cloud services

The ability to transit slowly to a contemporary architecture that is flexible, cost-effective, and scalable to future requirements leaves no question as why not to go for a better networking solution.

When availability, scalability and security are your major concerns, Golars Networks is the one ideal destination for federal networking solutions in Hyderabad, India as we, together as a team, stand as a leader in delivering a robust and cost effective network that excels without delays.

So, no more wait, pick up your phone and give us a call right now!