Golars Networks

  •    Serving as a protective shield for financial institutions
  •    Protecting sensitive financial information for years
  •    Timeless security to your financial information


There is absolutely no industry which has lesser stakes in the financial services than security. A financial institution with a fragile network security could lose a hefty number of customers as well as its image in no time. These financial institutions need to adapt to a robust and impenetrable network infrastructure. But, unfortunately this is not as easy as it seems. There are a number of security threats that are coming in light every now and then and so they need a dedicated partner who can provide them this protective shield without fail. Golars Networks is happy to introduce itself as the most sought after networking solutions provider to the financial institutions in Hyderabad, India.

What we can do for you?

From banks to brokerages, all the financial services organizations are looking forward to new ways to lower their costs, enhance customer satisfaction, higher revenue and shareholder returns. With our new and innovative technologies, we offer networking solutions to all kinds of financial institutions. We plan, design and quickly deploy these solutions to any location you do business from.

You may be facing any one of challenges as stated below:
  •    Increasing customer demands such as round-the-clock multi-channel access
  •    Issues in managing acquisitions and mergers
  •    lowered revenues due to a slowdown in trading volumes
  •    More regulation and its effect on capital requirements
  •    Need of rapid deployment application solutions
We may help you in:
  •   Creating a cost-effective network infrastructure with optimized resources and higher productivity
  •    Providing professional, consultation and managed services
  •    Implementing, monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your IT environment
  •    Guiding you to comply with the regulations and policies of the government
  •    Assisting in establishing network infrastructure in your future branches
Benefits of GolarsNetworks networking solutions?

All financial institutions work in an environment which uses a lot of data. Our expert team develops agile and flexible data centers that reduce the costs of data processing. Additionally, we can optimize networking, scale up your computing infrastructure and enhance the rollout of new branch technology with a quicker, more efficient building process.

With us you can enjoy the following benefits:
  •    Compliance focused solutions for your regulatory compliance needs.
  •    End-to-End operational improvements
  •    Footprint rationalization
  •    Fully outsourced sources for your campus and branches with reduced costs.
  •    Global telephony solution for your organization with multiple end points.
  •    Globally managed video conferencing services to reduce travel cost and increase productivity.
  •    Multi-vendor logistics and procurement capabilities that are largely recognized for achieving higher efficiencies at lowered costs.
  •    Platform consolidation


The road to the transformation has never been easier. Golars Networks is a global leader in providing Networking Solutions to all our national and international client base including the world's leading investment and retail banks, insurance firms, stock exchanges, stock brokerage firms and payments providers.

Whatever financial firm you are, just make a call to us for any kind of network solution..!