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 Golars Networks with an extensive experience in implementing any complex projects strives to improve the laboratory functioning for the companies. Right from industrial sectors to the scientific research sectors, we provide a wide range of laboratory solutions with our unique knowledge.

As an expertise team, we deliver the world-class laboratory information management system and solutions to enable integration of laboratory information management, which includes

  •   Effective assessment of the performance
  •   Enhance administration process
  •   Full automation of tests

A professional management system is imperative for the smooth running of the laboratory.

 Why Golars Networks

Golars Networks take the pride of being one of the reliable provider of laboratory management solutions in Hyderabad, India providing a wide range of services to the IT companies and businesses. Here are the key highlights, why Golars Networks serves to be your best choice: 

  •   Experienced team of professionals that can leverage years of experience
  •   Save your valuable time by transferring your entire responsibility to our qualified team to set an appropriate laboratory solution
  •   Streamline technology evaluation process with proven architectures and accessible environments
  •   Our subject matter experts come up with advanced laboratory management system according to specific requisites
  •   Our solution include right from integrated technology to customized concept environments
  •   Integrate all essential components and make testing easier
  •   Reduce evaluation time from months to weeks
  •   Focus on cutting-edge testing, automation infrastructure, efficient and collaborative environment for your customers, partners and internal resources
  •   Our lab service will create a dedicated customer environment, which will enable you to access ongoing test without any on-site investments

How GolarsNetworks Benefits?

We aim at identifying the right concept to develop the best solution for end-user at an affordable cost. We initiate strong efforts to develop both hardware and software solutions with desired functionality, affordability, and acceptable performance.

We, as an experienced team in IT solution, offer various specialized services to majorly support different laboratories with its uniqueness. In this aspect, we benefit our clients in many different ways, including;

  •   Research various software and technology solutions to recommend the perfect one
  •   Manage new projects and enhance existing one by integrating new technologies for the lab
  •   Assist inventory management
  •   Coordinate with vendors and management team to ensure that advanced software versions are compatible with your laboratory management system 
  •   Assist coordinate legacy instrument support
  •   Assist personal server conversions

Regardless of what specification of the lab you have, we can possibly integrate a perfect solution according to the current trend and advanced technologies. We are committed to offering focused services suiting your diverse needs.