• Escalate the production process with the integrated networking solutions

  • Integrate your manufacturing process with software-driven networking solutions

  • Grow your manufacturing business with the growing technology

  • Produce more with connected networking solutions from Golars Networks

Maximize the efficiency with connected networking solutions

The current economy has made the manufacturing business more challenging than ever. A manufacturer needs to cut costs, enhance productivity, and keep the satisfaction level of the customers at maximum. GolarsNetworks stands out in providing the best manufacturing networking solutions in Hyderabad, India that smoothly connects with all your production units and offices irrespective of their locations.

How do we help in your manufacturing business?

A connected factory as an entity is a secure and agile solution to deliver substantial profits by significantly improving availability, operational visibility quantity and, last but not the least, quality. Subsequent integration of internal visibility of production processes with external supply chain operations and logistics empowers you to analyze and take suitable actions on information that is relevant to the complete operation. Golars Networks, therefore, helps you to achieve the goal of seamless and integrated operation by:

  •    Providing a networked architecture between the shop floors and conventional organization that gives you a fault-resistant infrastructure, mitigating any possibility of single point failures and thereby leading to increased higher up-time.
  •    Creating virtual plants and procedures for vulnerability assessment and risk analysis
  •    Making data visible and usable through appropriate architecture, advanced network tools and predictive analytics.
  •    Providing a connected and security enabled network.
  •    Providing mobility solutions for the troubleshooting and reviewing production lines on the go.
What are the advantages of networking solutions in manufacturing industry?

A strong, well in place network architecture in the manufacturing domain serves as the foundation for everything in the pipeline. So with our networking solutions, your manufacturing unit can enjoy the below listed advantages:

  •    Robust, cost effective and fault tolerant infrastructure
  •    Fewer network disturbances and higher up-time.
  •    Decrease in the frequency of common software and hardware failures.
  •    It can help you to get timely information that will be there right at your fingertips, while it streamlines your business operations and assist you in offering top notch customer services to your customers.
  •    Help you to recover faster when any failure occurs.
  •    Increases OEE and makes improvements in your internal and external supply chains.
  •    You can gain real time visibility in to the processes and data from anywhere through the mobile networking solutions

Whether your company manufactures industrial products, automotive parts or anything in between, you need to have secure, reliable network architecture for all of your operational locations to keep your business ahead in the competition. This is when you can completely trust on Golars Networks as we are the ones who have been consistently providing cutting edge networking solutions and network security services to a good number of manufactures for over a decade now.

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