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  •    Achieve maximum reliability and safety with minimum downtime
  •    Bring the entire control under safer zone with perfect network solution
  •    Increase productivity with reduced cost and advanced system integration

Many advanced technologies have emerged to make the oil & gas industry function safe while increasing the productivity with reduced costs. The security threat is not an exemption in the oil and gas industry. Considering the core importance of integrating highly secured network systems, Golars Networks strives to offer the best network security solutions to our clients across India.

Our crew of highly talented professionals is capable of handling any challenging network troubleshooting issues within speculated timeline without your regular processes getting interrupted. With the pride of being one of the renowned and reputed network security services in Hyderabad, India, we provide a wide range of solutions to the oil and gas industries.

Golars Networks, Getting Right Solution Right on Time

We, the vibrant team of networkers, engineers, and other technicians take the efforts to serve the oil and gas industry with appropriate hardware and networking solution. With our professional influence, we;

  •    Increase the productivity while reducing the cost through our advanced network system integration
  •    Provide the remote support via remote access technologies, which saves huge time and human efforts
  •    Help adapting cost-effective business practices
  •    Protect network against inexorable cyber attacks
  •    Provide appropriate and secured access to IT and operational network to employees, contractors, and other staff
  •    Efficiently manage security of large networks adapting modernized security approach


Highlights of Oil and Gas Network Security Services in Hyderabad, India 

We understand the importance of the high level of safety, reliability, and security needed in the oil & gas industry. The software and technologies used should minimize the unintended shutdowns in addition to ensuring safe operations. Regardless of the challenges emerging frequently with the advancement in technologies, we design absolutely a highly secured system for the oil and gas operations. Here follow some of the highlights of our oil and gas network security services:

  •    Real time monitoring
  •    Integrate highly interoperable computing platform
  •    Network redundancy to improve communication efficiency
  •    Industrial Ethernet gateways for a wide range of industry standard protocols
  •    Active OPC server for integrating remote I/O
  •    Integrate most user-friendly network management and diagnostic tools

With years of expertise in the oil and gas network security solutions, Golars Networks navigates diverse facets of the industry including project management, risk assessments, integrated technology solutions and much more. With in-depth expertise in security, we take the pride of serving as an innovative technology partner with our clients. Besides, our software oriented networking enables your business to improve its overall operation and functionalities with increased performance.

Golars Networks welcomes any requirements and queries. We are ready to provide you tailored networking solutions according to your specific requirements.

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