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  • Provide the best solution to Your Customers with a perfect Golars Networks Supply Chain Management
  • Integrate advanced technology and your business to effectively minimize Risk with our Supply Chain Solution

Supply chain has got a major role to sense and respond to your customers’ demand in an appropriate way. With the global competition enormously hiking, most of the businesses and corporate companies seek a responsive supply chain management, which only an experienced team can offer.

Golars Networks takes the initiative to provide the most flexible supply chain management solutions to help you keep manufacturing, distributing and purchasing.

Golars Networks in Supply Chain Management

Golars Networks takes the opportunity of being the reliable supply chain management solution in Hyderabad, serving numbers of large business organizations and corporate companies. We help to reduce the complexities while minimizing the risks involved in your business. We understand today’s business environment, which is always uncertain, especially in fulfilling customers’ expectations.

We also understand the challenges involved in implementing the advanced technology, especially in delivering a customized and innovative solution to the clients. However, supply chain needs to be done at low possible costs with minimal risks and high flexibility. We as an experienced service provider focus on providing the solution around key technology platforms while leveraging the capabilities to come up a synergistic result.

Supply Chain Key Services

Our focused key services include:
  •   Planning and forecasting
  •   Inventory management
  •   Logistics management
  •   Supply chain data management

Our services also include:

  •   Supplier onboarding process
  •   Contract assignment, which includes administration of vendor contract, develop and execute negotiation strategies and realignment of contract
  •   Data classification and cleansing according to the business needs
  •   Opportunity assessment, stakeholder surveys, re-engineering, business process assessment
  •   Supply chain diagnostics, supplier capability assessment, project-specific research and supply risk management

Key Role of Golars Networks in Supply Chain Management

 We work across all aspects of supply chain including planning, sourcing, delivering and other related services. With our years of specific industry experience, we help our clients meet their objectives by producing the right products and services at the right time and reduced cost.

We play the major role in:

  •   Aligning your business and customer strategies
  •   Manage complex relationships of suppliers and customers
  •   Provide real-time supply chain visibility
  •   Identify sub-optimal business performance
  •   Prioritize improvement activities
  •   Define sourcing strategies to enable capabilities and increase quality

 Golars Networks works towards achieving profitability across the entire value supply chain by focusing on the process, technologies and the strategies. In addition to supply chain management, we also focus on network planning, demand planning and management, supply chain execution in accordance to transportation, returns management, warehouse, compliance and export and import. We ensure our clients to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with our customizable supply chain solutions.