• Golars Networks Super Campus Program – Ensuring professional excellence with experiential learning
  • Golars Networks Super Campus Program - Making your skills industry ready
  • Golars Networks Super Campus Program – Transforming students into resources for IT industry

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Educational Institutes nowadays have to look far beyond than just teaching.  Ensuring a rounded development of the students and placing them in suitable job roles with top companies is very critical. The marks are now only for the sake of eligibility but what actually matters is the performance and so institutes are putting major thrust in enhancing the skills of the students through more of empirical learning and making the students industry ready. In this regard, Golars Networks has gained a high repute by running a peerless Super Campus program for various colleges in Hyderabad. 

Features of the Super Campus Program by GolarsNetworks 

Super Campus program by Golars Networks aims at transforming your student into a resource that fits in the IT industry from all possible aspects. Companies are concerned more about the technical and interpersonal skills that a student possesses irrespective of how much he/she scores in the exam. Hence, we prepare your students to be a complete package for the industry. We include the following activities apart from the academics: 

  • We run various recognized certification courses such as CISCO, Juniper, Palo Alto and many more so that students can add on to their networking skills.
  • We share the practical learning on the technologies related to network and security.
  • We bring successful people from the respective spheres for sharing their personal experiences with your students.
  • We conduct seminars and webinars on the burning topics to acquaint the students what is going within the IT industry.
  • We have introduced a NINJA program in Hi-tech city which is a complete training suite for the students. The program has duration of 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.
  • We have tied up with many other colleges to organize pool campus drives.
  • We have tied up with top IT companies for carrying placement drives. 

Benefits of Super Campus program by Golars Networks 

There are so many advantages that are difficult to be listed here; hence we speak about the benefits in broader terms: 

  • Easy reach to the top IT companies
  • Enhanced campus placements
  • Better positioning of your college 

Achievements of GolarsNetworks so far

The day when we started our Super Campus program, we have never looked back since then. Our Super Campus program has placed thousands of students in various IT giants and the top IT companies have so much faith on us as it is evident from the fact that at any campus drive, the students recommended by Golars Networks are preferred on others. In short we take pride in our Super Campus program who has been a great success and that it is giving better results with each passing day.

So if you are looking for elevated results, reach us immediately!