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  • Secured Integration Technology from the Recognized Center – Golars Networks
  • Integrate the Advanced Technology and Reduce the Risk and complexity!

Taking advantage of the advanced technology paves a wonderful way to create a production-class environment for the businesses. This benefits the business in various aspects. Golars Networks, one of the leading integration technology centers in Hyderabad, India offers the tailored solutions combining all advanced technologies.   

Every business functions with the commercial perspective, which of course varies with companies. They also have different technology landscape, which demands an individual solution to suit their specific expectations. Understanding the varying requirements of integration technology, we work as a team to clearly understand your goals and work towards it while helping you achieve as desired.

Golars Networks – Customized Integration Technology Solutions

With extensive experience in integrating technology and networking services, we create a strong emphasize on translating the real needs into solution to our clients. Our customized capabilities guarantee tailor-made solution to fit the transforming and existing networks with less disruption.

 Why choose us?

  •   We create value to your business from all verticals
  •   We combine our technical expertise and business domain expertise along with systems engineering capabilities to handle multi-dimensional projects
  •   We address all issues, no matter how complex it is in an efficient way
  •   We are the certified integration technology center with an expert team using the latest network innovations for Internet of Things and Cloud
  •   We use the right mix of local experts to handle projects of all sizes and from all domains across the world

Key Highlights of Golars Networks

Golars Networks takes the effort to create a production-class environment for building the advanced technology solutions while accelerating the benefits. Undeniably, our solution can bring ample advantages to your business. Here follow the key highlights of our integration technology solutions;

  • Speedy deployment: Our skilled and knowledgeable technology professionals can configure and integrate over 30,000 systems within a short timeline speeding deployments.
  • Reduce the complexities and risks: We set highest standards of quality and secured supply chain while lowering the risks of hardware failure in the production environments. We also consistently help in reducing the maintenance costs.
  • Improved visibility and performance: The core objective of our integration technology center is to improve the visibility and performance in real-time observation. Our advanced technology infrastructure offers lab environment, which is supported by a dedicated data center, which helps in remote configuration, evaluation, hands-on access during integration process and much more.

The combination of supply chain management, inventory planning, and rack integration solutions have enabled us to accelerate integration technology, which will certainly escalate the revenue generation of your business. We also help in optimizing the workforce. In addition to it, we ensure reduce the overall cost incurred in implementing the advanced technology to your business.